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Imagine going from never meeting a horse in your life to having one follow you around with no ropes simply because they choose to be with you.

Isn’t that what leadership is about? Not convincing someone to do something but engaging them so they choose to work with you to achieve a goal?

Far too often people return from an offsite, a training program, even a MBA with exactly the same style of leadership they had when they started.  They may intend to do things differently but then fall back onto past patterns.   We want to help you change that.

Managers seem to be able to adopt new business practices fairly easily but improving people skills is tough.  You can’t change something you don’t see – and the mindsets and past patterns that are driving the way we interact with people are hidden in the subconscious.

This kind of deep learning requires an experienced coach, time, high self awareness and often much dialogue. Its hard work and typically requires a week long offsite, something few organizations have time for these days.

In 2002 we discovered another way to help Leaders change thinking habits, challenge assumptions and act in new and unfamiliar ways – with the help of a unique group of horses.


“I have to tell you that having done my fair share of leadership training over the years – there is sometimes a touch of cynicism approaching leadership training sessions. I’ve been around a while, and seen a lot.

The Horse Sense program was exceptional! The team building and understanding within the day’s program was really the best I have encountered and the self-learning was outstanding. I am a convert who not only looks forward to the next session – but can hardly wait to see what new learning and understandings result from it.

Thank you for a great leadership experience absolutely laced with immediately useful strategies as well as plenty of fodder (bit of a pun on the horses there!) for reflection and future growth.

Senior Director, Ministry of Education

We don’t stop with the “aha’s” interacting with the horses bring- we immediately transfer the learnings.  We raise awareness with the horses, exposing mindsets and unconscious behaviour patterns, then we consciously select new behaviours, test them out, appreciate the positive impact and plan follow up that ensures results.

You will notice a difference immediately and the difference lasts.  We meet with clients ten years after their session and they can still tell us exactly what they learned and what impact that learning had.  Relationships will be improved.  Priorities will be better aligned, .Leaders will have new ways of engaging their staff. Teams will be communicating better.

This is experiential learning at its finest.  Head, Hands, Heart and Spirit all engaged in a positive, powerful learning process that has been proven to have significant impact.

Here is what one client had to say:

It’s Sharon and her style as much as the horses. She doesn’t leave any stone unturned, she goes deeper and deeper to get at the real issues, yet she’s so non-confrontational. It’s the whole package, I can’t imagine anyone else who could do it better. She understands business, human dynamics and horses – it’s really fantastic

David Weiss, author of The Leadership Gap said that the program was so good he would change nothing! and that was a first.

Contact Sharon to talk about your specific goals and we can discover whether there is a fit for your organization. We’ll even invite you to experience a bit of Horse Sense yourself before you make a commitment – either virtually or in person at our farm just west of Milton.

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