One of a kind Experience for Leaders and Leadership Teams.

Bringing Leadership Lessons to Life

Horse Sense brings the lessons of Covey and Senge and Kotter and Argyris and Kountz and Posner and Blanchard and more to life in an unforgettable experience.

Horse Sense builds Leadership skills through a carefully designed experience that ties directly into Leadership practice.   Leadership habits show up in all of our behaviour and the horses respond to behaviour.  We leverage this feedback to explore the blindspots and habits that get in the way of becoming the best leaders possible. 


Who We Are

We are Leadership Development Consultants with over 20 years experience working with Leaders from the factor floor to the C suite.  Our clients include MacKenzie Financial, U of Guelph, multiple Govt divisions, S.C. Johnson, Social Services Agencies, McMaster U, Intria and many more.

Add Horse Sense to your Leadership programs

Horse Sense programs integrate best practice Leadership theory with leading edge experiential learning. 

Horse Sense programs have a solid foundation in Leadership theory including: Active Listening, Ladder of Inference, Feed-forward Coaching, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership Styles,  Management vs Leadership, Appreciative Inquiry, Balancing Task and Process, Shift to transformational leadership, Situational Leadership, the Leadership Challenge. Building High Performance Teams and more.  

Many of our clients include us within their multi module in -house leadership development programs.  

This program really showed us leadership excellence. When the horse just follows you, with his nose on your shoulder, because you have earned his confidence, you feel so good!  You have to earn the horse’s trust. We used that opportunity to talk about trust within the team, and it opened the door. You have to connect before you can lead. For us, the most important lesson was trust and respect, and that has improved our team relationships and effectiveness.

One thing that is different now is how team decisions, roles and authority are handled. We are clear about when input is needed and where we want the team to make decisions. It was really a team renewal. We met some pretty lofty goals. It was a lot of fun but also lots of learning.

It’s Sharon and her style as much as the horses. She doesn’t leave any stone unturned, she goes deeper and deeper to get at the real issues, yet she’s so non-confrontational. It’s the whole package, I can’t imagine anyone else who could do it better. She understands business, human dynamics and horses – it’s really fantastic

Paul Gregnon

Director, Customer Supply Chain, Pfizer

Our most popular programs


One day Leadership Development Experience targeted at aspiring and mid level management.   Can be easily integrated into your 12 to 18 month internal program or works as a stand alone out of the office learning experience.


Intact teams can spend an amazing learning day together that they will never forget.  Great if you are adding new members or forming new teams.  We have used this to turn teams in trouble around by identifying and resolving communication issues in a positive way.  Improves communication, shared leadership and trust.

Full team development programs for senior or troubled teams include assessments, a TeamSense experience and follow up interactions.


An intense day for small groups of senior leaders benefiting from one on one coaching and feedback.  Includes our Individual Leadership challenge.  For the leaders who have “been there” and “done that” and yet still want to grow their individual leadership practice.