Leaders have blindspots that get in the way of performance.

  • For some the challenge is that they are so good at what they do that its really hard to delegate to get “off the stage and onto the balcony”.  Their blindspot is that they don’t realize how each short term personal success actually disengages their team. 
  • Some want to be liked and helpful and instead end up exhausted from doing too much. Their blindspot is they think the only way to respect is through control and they don’t want to be “bossy”.  
  • Many Leaders value listening but rarely have time to listen deeply.  They jump on the first problem they hear and are quick to advise.  Their blindspot is not realizing that their own assumptions are getting in the way of hearing others.
  • Most struggle with people issues.  The most common blindspot is seeing others peoples behaviour as something to be fixed instead of something to be understood.

Often a blindspot is also the root of success.   The ability to generate results, solve problems, act quickly, make friends are all cornerstones to success, yet unless Leaders are able to truly see how personal strengths must be applied differently as a Leader or Leadership Team member what was once an asset can become a liability.