Custom Programs

We can customize our programs to meet your unique leadership development needs.

From a half day experiential session to energize an event to a 12 month leadership program with a mix of experiential and working sessions that will transform a senior team and everything in between.  Our experiences are already part of over a dozen leadership training initiatives – lets figure out what would suit your unique scenario.

We start by talking to each member of your team to discover their unique perspective. We are going to find out what connects the members of your team together and what is holding them apart, not through a survey but through a carefully crafted and confidential facilitated dialogue. Then based on what we find we will put together a plan.

Your plan will be a unique combination of discovery sessions, coaching and action planning that will:

• Identify the Greater Common Goal that aligns all team members, the reason behind everything you do.

• Uncover the mindsets that once helped your leaders succeed but now are getting in their way..

• Raise awareness of the assumptions that are limiting the effectiveness of your team’s communication.

• Clarify exactly which value added tasks they must be responsible for.

• Learn how to delegate in a way that improves the quality of results.

• Use a Feed Forward strategy that painlessly drives continuous improvement both within the team and with each leaders direct reports.

Contact us for a complementary Discovery Session and we can make a plan just for you.