ExecuSense programs focus on the unique challenges facing senior executives.

Your Senior Leadership team is made up of good leaders with serious strengths. They do a great job. They can do better. They can communicate more effectively, understand each other more deeply, leverage each other’s strengths more easily.

Horses really don’t care what it says on your business card. Senior leaders rarely get immediate non-judgemental feedback.   Feedback is often filtered through “what do they want to hear”.? or “what will help me to my goal”?   Senior leaders really appreciate a chance to uncover habits that might be getting in the way of achieving their organizational goals.

We Deep Dive into Self Awareness.:

  • How Leadership Styles affect perception
  • How what got you here won’t get you there
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Building Trust and Respect
  • Setting fair but firm boundaries
  • The problem with good intentions
  • Mindsets and Miscommunication

Then we explore Alignment and Collaboration:

  • what happens to relational skills when the pressure to perform automatically moves everyone into a task-focused mindset
  • how to balance personal and organizational goals
  • how to use feed forwards to ensure continuous improvement

We finish with a planning session to ensure the learnings from the day can be applied within their personal leadership practice.  Leaders who are working with an executive coach will have lots of fodder for their next session.

Each program is customized to ensure we meet your learning goals.



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