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I would love to share a unique, powerful program that has been receiving rave reviews for over ten years. Whether you are looking for an off site for a senior leadership team, an experiential component for your existing leadership development program, an intervention for a team that is struggling or a way to get your aspiring leaders to shift away from a task focus we have something unique to offer.



The path from Good to Great is not a Straight Line

Studying what Leaders “should” do rarely impacts results.

That’s important so I’m going to say it again:

Studying what Leaders “should” do rarely impacts  results.  If it did then the entire leadership guru industry would be out of business.   Leaders could read a handful of good books or attend a class or participate in a webinar and there would be no need for you to be visiting this website.  It’s not that simple – and for nearly 70 percent of leaders the transition from expert to leader or aspiring leader to inspiring leader just doesn’t happen.

Most great leaders get that way through having mentors who provided feedback to them at critical times in their careers.  Some (10 percent according to research) are naturally great.  Everyone else does the best that they can.  . It is very hard to put concepts into action when feedback is delayed, filtered through hierarchy or lost in the pressures of the moment.  The more senior your position the less likely you are to have clear, immediate authentic feedback.

Sure it may seem weird but it works

To earn trust and respect from a horse you must genuinely act in a way that demonstrates vision, clarity, confidence, empathy and persistence *without* depending on control, bribery or hierarchy. Horses have no facade so they won’t pretend to follow while really feeling disengaged.  They don’t care what is on your business card – they care about what you do.

Imagine if your leaders could receive clear unfiltered non judgemental feedback that would let them know if their actions were influencing others as they intended.  That is what happens in a Horse Sense program through a combination of precise management theory, expert facilitation (from humans!) and instinctive feedback (from horses).

Behavioural change that improves performance.


We don’t stop with the “aha’s” interacting with the horses bring- we immediately transfer the learnings.  We raise awareness with the horses, exposing mindsets and unconscious behaviour patterns, then we consciously select new behaviours, test them out, appreciate the positive impact and plan follow up that ensures results.

  • You will learn the four mindsets every leader needs in order to be effective.
  • You will learn the secrets to understanding anyone’s perspective.
  • You will learn how to shift from fixing the past to creating the future.
  • You will learn the specific actions that build trust and respect
  • You will learn how to tell if your intentions are being interpreted correctly.

You will notice a difference immediately and the difference lasts.  We meet with clients ten years after their session and they can still tell us exactly what they learned and what impact that learning had.  Relationships will be improved.  Priorities will be better aligned, .Leaders will have new ways of engaging their staff. Teams will be communicating better.

Its an experience you will never forget.

horse and wave silhouette

This is experiential learning at its finest.  Head, Hands, Heart and Spirit all engaged in a positive, powerful learning process that has been proven to have significant impact. No one ever forget the lessons they learned with the horses.

We work with:

  • Aspiring Leaders taking the Leap from Top Performer to Authentic Leader.
  • Executive Teams who want to Inspire Organizations
  • HR Advisors looking for Team Building that isn’t a Waste of Time.
  • Leadership Development programs that want to bring their Core Learnings to Life.
  • Organizations undergoing Cultural Change.

Our clients include a wide range of industries and organizations and we have special rates for non profits.  Companies like Johnson and Johnson, Kraft Canada, the University of Guelph, Pfizer, Social Services organizations, Manufacturing organizations and many more have all gained a bit of Horse Sense.

Don’t be fooled by the Horses

What makes this program so impactful is the facilitation.   I designed this program on a solid theoretical foundation in accelerated learning, systems thinking, appreciative inquiry, change management, situational leadership, trust building, neuroscience,and much more.  Each components is built on

Here is what one client had to say:

It’s Sharon and her style as much as the horses. She doesn’t leave any stone unturned, she goes deeper and deeper to get at the real issues, yet she’s so non-confrontational. It’s the whole package, I can’t imagine anyone else who could do it better. She understands business, human dynamics and horses – it’s really fantastic

David Weiss, author of The Leadership Gap said that the program was so good he would change nothing! and that was a first.

We are part of several In House Leadership Development programs.  The Horse Sense session not only gets top feedback (4.5/5 or better) but is voted as the session that participants most want to retain.   I love attending graduation and hearing how Horse Sense impacted lives – not just at work but at home as well. Some clients have been bringing their Leaders for years.  One client held 34 sessions over 7 years so that every senior leader was able to participate.

If you are simply looking for a fun day out for your team this is not the program for you.  If you are looking for significant learning and a program that will make a difference in the area your organization needs it most then I invite you to download a copy of:

Next: Curious about whether the program would be a fit you?  – Take a look at Who We Work With section or if you are wondering why senior leaders tell us the day with horses was the best leadership experience of their career (no one ever says that about any of my slide decks!) then go straight to Why Horses?


Our Clients Love this Program

  • “I have to tell you that having done my fair share of leadership training over the years – there is sometimes a touch of cynicism approaching leadership training sessions. I’ve been around a while, and seen a lot.

    The Horse Sense program was exceptional! The team building and understanding within the day’s program was really the best I have encountered and the self-learning was outstanding. I am a convert who not only looks forward to the next session – but can hardly wait to see what new learning and understandings result from it.

    Thank you for a great leadership experience absolutely laced with immediately useful strategies as well as plenty of fodder (bit of a pun on the horses there!) for reflection and future growth.

  • We benchmark different things at the company, and we’ve seen many of our scores improve since working with Sharon. There’s a whole range of leadership behaviours that we track and all of us have seen our scores go up. The Horse Sense program is definitely a big part of that

  • In the team exercise, we learned which members of the team were better communicators, and who tended to suffer in silence. One person was having trouble keeping up with the rest of the team, but didn’t say anything. And we realized how we sometimes discouraged people from communicating. Our team as a whole had a real breakthrough at this program. We’re a much better team now. There is more communications, more checking in with each other, more understanding of different people’s styles

  • I wanted to send you both a quick note to thank you once again, I really enjoyed the two days we spent together. I think you both did an excellent job with keeping the two days filled with learning’s and fun. As I reflected last night, I think we have come along way with identifying how we can work better as team and improve on communications. I found it amazing the difference from when we arrived Tuesday morning to when we left Wednesday evening, what a huge difference. I think your program is just what we needed and I look forward to spending another ½ day together as we explore trust and respect

  • After doing the program? I noticed such a heightened sensitivity towards others based on increased self-insight and awareness, enhanced self confidence, greater collaboration and teamwork. You need to experience it for yourself to appreciate the full impact

  • It’s Sharon and her style as much as the horses. She doesn’t leave any stone unturned, she goes deeper and deeper to get at the real issues, yet she’s so non-confrontational. It’s the whole package, I can’t imagine anyone else who could do it better. She understands business, human dynamics and horses – it’s really fantastic

MTO Team