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We work with Leaders and Leadership teams of mid to large sized organizations who are actively strengthening their people skills.

The number one thing our clients have in common is that they have specific learning goals for the group of leaders they are bringing and those goals are not simple.  Our clients want more than just a good time or learning “about” something, they want their group to gain insights into their own leadership that cannot be achieved through acquiring theory.

The statement I hear the most is – we have good people who are doing a good job and who mean well and if they could…

The challenges our clients are dealing with not ones with easy solutions.  Sure you can learn about what it takes to be a great leader but how do you know if your great intentions are having the impact you were hoping for?  Our clients don’t settle for leaders who understand theory they are willing to invest in results.

Leaders who intend to engage staff are frustrated because so many problems are being dumped on them instead of being dealt with by their reports.  Is this a communication problem or is the leader really having trouble letting go of being the expert and unintentionally shutting others down.

Senior Teams who understand that their ability to inspire others matters as much or more than having a brilliant strategy come to us to improve the impact they have on their organization.  So often it is hard for senior leaders to get genuine feedback on the way that others perceive them.