Leadership Teams


Leadership Teams that want to improve the alignment and collaboration within their team

These are good teams made up of talented people who have an significant impact within your organization.  This members of this team are busy very busy so taking time to strengthen the connections between members often takes a back seat to getting things done and some cracks may be showing.

  • leaders spend more time thinking about their specific area of concern rather than the overall goals of the organization
  • opportunities to leverage shared resources rarely happen
  • new members of the team are taking a long time to get up to speed
  • joint problem solving is not effective, either it isn’t happening or its taking too much time
  • there is a lack of clarity on exactly what the shared goals of the team really are
  • direct reports are expressing frustration which may be reflected in stagnant engagement scores


In House Programs Looking for a Unique Experience that explores the Heart of Leadership

Leadership Development is a  priority for these clients and they want to include an experiential component that will shake things up a bit.  In the first stage of an LD program the focus is on the theory of leadership, exploring best practices, completing assessments, inspiring speakers – filling the head first.  In the second stage the focus turns to the heart of leadership and they know that this is the perfect time for experiential learning – getting away from talking about leadership to exploring leadership in a hands on approach that will resonate deeply within each participant and inspire them to want to take their leadership to the next level.

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