Our Clients

We work with Leaders who make Leadership Development a priority – for themselves, their teams and their organizations.   They know that the most important factor that determines an organization’s success is the ability of its Leaders to connect with and inspire their people.

Our clients are those who have a growth mindset they believe that no matter how good you are, you can always get better. They seek challenges and learning opportunities and are willing to stretch outside their comfort zone..

You know exactly what kind of leadership is essential for success and you understand the challenges of breaking through to the next level.   Only ten percent of leaders (according to Gallop, 2015) make the journey from raw recruit to senior leader with ease. Most leaders find the transition from level to level challenging and everyone can make progress faster if they can learn to let go of the mindsets that made them successful in a previous role that are now getting in the way.

You may be a leader who would benefit from a bit of Horse Sense if you appreciate the impact of these challenges:

  • Aspiring leaders never achieve their potential if they get stuck in being great experts instead of becoming great mentors.  The shift from “task leader” to “people leader” is never made by over fifty percent of new leaders and is the root of micromanaging, stress and disengagement for front line workers.
  • Experienced leaders are unaware of how pushing to achieve goals is pushing others away or how a desire to please is creating an lack of direction.  These leaders truly intend to lead by earning trust and respect but fall back on past patterns due to workload and performance pressures.  You know they are doing a good job but if they could only improve their people skills they could have even more impact.
  • Senior Leadership Teams have unique challenges.  Each team member must focus on supporting their own area of responsibility as well as moving the strategic plan forward.  This is a group of powerful individuals with a huge amount of impact.  It is no wonder that they rarely get feedback from the front line or each other.  Keeping the group aligned so that resources can be shared and joint projects kept on track often requires strengthening the bonds within the team but finding time to be together can be difficult.

You would prefer to have your Leaders who are building capacity with your organization every day.

  • Aspiring Leaders who can engage their teams and are well positioned for further responsibility
  • Experienced Leaders who are able to balance providing direction with supporting initiative in a way that grows the potential within their teams
  • Senior Leadership teams that are aligned, on track and successfully prioritizing new challenge to support the organization’s strategic plan

We can make a difference in your organization if:

  • You believe that leadership is a skill that can be learned and every leader can get better
  • You understand that real behavioural change isn’t easy, but through the right experience new patterns can be learned
  • You are willing to stretch outside your comfort zone, in order to stretch your capabilities
  • You are willing to put the effort into follow-up in order to consolidate and build on learning

We’re not for everyone.

  • If you are just looking for a fun day out of the office and don’t have clear learning outcomes this isn’t for you.
  • If the thought of doing something different worries you and you’d prefer to stick to something familiar this isn’t for you.
  • if you are not willing to follow up the experience and ensure that action plans are implement and new behaviours supported this isn’t for you.

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