We will integrate the program into your existing leadership development priorities. Let us know what yours are – or identify 2 or 3 focus areas from the list below:


  • Coaching people to achieve results
  • Understanding how individual differences can be used for improved effectiveness rather than sources of tension and conflict
  • Balancing and measuring quantitative and qualitative results
  • Moving from reactive to proactive “big picture” leader
  • Building a high performance team
  • Four step model for achieving results

Communication Skills

  • Recognizing impact of emotions on others
  • Providing constructive feedback listening for understanding
  • Paying attention to body language to enhance understanding
  • Emotional intelligence and empathic listening

Collaboration Skills

  • Replacing compliance with true engagement.
  • Win/win negotiation – understanding the needs of others
  • Proactively responding to potential conflict situations
  • Building trust based relationships

Team Skills

  • An expanded level of mutual understanding, trust and respect
  • Increased alignment in the team’s thinking and strategies for moving forward
  • The resolution of team issues related to trust, communication, alignment and cooperation
  • Understanding and practice at learning and self-improvement as a team

Relational Sales Skills

  • Understanding Feedback
  • Empathic Listening
  • The sales mindset that got you promoted but is loosing clients
  • Building a team of strong individuals without unintended competition