Programs and Case Studies

The Horse Sense program makes abstract Leadership Concepts real in a way that no classroom training, online program or simulation possibly can.


For Aspiring, Experienced or Senior Leaders.

After a typical one day program you can expect your leaders to:

  • understand how the mindsets that made then successful in the past may not be working for them in their new roles
  • be able to tell the difference between intention and impact and adjust their actions until they achieve the results they are looking for
  • replace critical feedback that shuts down creativity with feed forwards that build continuous improvement
  • know how to communicate across different perspectives
  • know how to balance task and and relational priorities to improve results
  • understand the difference between leadership and management
  • identify one critical personal learning opportunity that will significantly impact their leadership skills and follow through with real behavioural change

From here we can add specific outcomes and/or additional followup

  • problem solving for specific performance issues
  • team charters for startups
  • relational sales strategies
  • strategic planning for senior teams
  • specific learning content – situational leadership, leadership challenge, etc
  • ongoing executive coaching

Min size 4, Max 24

Small groups (5 to 8) have a significant amount of personal coaching from our senior facilitators.  Large groups (16 to 20) blend shared learning with some one on one coaching.  Senior leaders benefit from personal attention from our coaches so we suggest that the more senior your group the smaller the class size.   Some clients split their cohorts.  One organization brought 30 leaders every year as part of their Leadership Academy but split them into groups of 6 to 8 to maximize impact.  For groups over 20 we can run 2 or more programs simultaneously or switch to more of a demonstration style.


For Intact Teams – which means everyone who works on a shared goal or who has a direct reporting relationship.  If the group size is over 16 then this likely is not a team that actively works together.

Team programs will focus on the needs of your specific team – and we’ll talk about that before we decide if a TeamSense program is a good fit. Past clients have identified these learning goals.  Which ones are the best fit for you?


  • Coaching people to achieve results
  • Understanding how individual differences can be used for improved effectiveness rather than sources of tension and conflict
  • Balancing and measuring quantitative and qualitative results
  • Moving from reactive to proactive “big picture” leader
  • Building a high performance team
  • Four step model for achieving results

Communication Skills

  • Recognizing impact of emotions on others
  • Providing constructive feedback listening for understanding
  • Paying attention to body language to enhance understanding
  • Emotional intelligence and empathetic listening

Collaboration Skills

  • Replacing compliance with true engagement.
  • Win/win negotiation – understanding the needs of others
  • Proactively responding to potential conflict situations
  • Building trust based relationships

Team Skills

  • An expanded level of mutual understanding, trust and respect
  • Increased alignment in the team’s thinking and strategies for moving forward
  • The resolution of team issues related to trust, communication, alignment and cooperation
  • Understanding and practice at learning and self-improvement as a team

Relational Skills

(intra team and/or with clients/stakeholders)

  • Understanding Feedback
  • Empathetic Listening
  • Building Effective Relationships
  • Diversity and Appreciating Differences

We strongly recommend that you finish the day with a business task that your team will work on together.  This can be started during the final hour of the horse sense session and then worked on back at the office.  When people apply their new skills they often achieve breakthrough results.    Past clients have work on tasks as simple as creating a team charter (a document describing how the team will work together) or as complex as coming up with a new strategic plan.

The possibilities are endless.  We work with Leaders and their teams.  We add value to Leadership Development programs.  We bring Leadership Learning to Life in a way that has more impact that you would ever imagine.

If you, your leaders or your organization could benefit from Leaders who know how to earn Followership then I would love to schedule a 30 min online or in house demo.   In 30 seconds I can prove to you that horses will open up new possibilities for learning.