Talk to a Program Planner

Our facilitation team is comprised of Senior Management consultants with 20 plus years offering both training consulting to leaders from the shop floor to the C suite.  We know the challenges your leaders are facing and we can talk their language. There is more about our background in the About Us section.

We work with you to customize your program to fit your goals.  We will plan the focus of the debriefs together.  Are you looking for personal development?  Are there particular blinds spots specific people have?  How much one on one coaching?  What key learnings are most important?  We will talk about next steps – we promise an amazing experience but what without follow up you won’t get the most impact.  

To find out what is possible we need to talk.  We want to hear from you what success really means and then we see if we can help.  The program isn’t a fit for everyone, it takes an organization ready to think “outside the box” and really go deep into understanding what the nature of leadership is about.

If you are looking for a light, fun experience without any significant content – just a day away from the office then this program is not a fit.

Sure we have the advantage of being unique – as soon as people arrive at the farm they know its going to be a different day – and its more than fun – its a powerful experience no one will ever forget.  What they don’t expect is the impact, how this day will change how they think about leadership forever.

A few questions many people have:

  • What if someone is afraid of horses?  No problem – usually there are one or two in every group – it is possible to do the entire program without ever touching a horse.  Full disclosure – by the end of the day people with fears are almost always eager to interact fully with the horses – when you undestand a horse better suddenly their actions make sense and fear becomes appropriate caution.
  • How big a group can we bring?  The more people the less personal time.   We can work with any sized group, though groups over 24 require some extra planning.  We suggest keeping group sizes under 12 for senior executives or when you want more one on one coaching.
  • What about someone who is blind? deaf, in a wheelchair? Pregnant?  We can handle that.  We’ve already done so.  Our facility is fully accessible.

Curious?  Fill in the form below – We would love to talk.